Wellness Retreats

Create your own path to wellbeing and be guided from where you are now to where you want to go through our signature retreats. Our guarantee is that you leave an Epanafero retreat with a lived understanding of wellness, not just an imagining of it in your mind!

What makes our Wellness Retreats so special?

At Epanafero, we offer you more than the opportunity to relax and recharge.  We raise the bar for you – our retreats give you all the benefits of a holiday PLUS the prospect of being able to improve your cardio-vascular health and overall sense of wellness

We give you the experience of wellness, delivered by top medical and wellness professionals, and with a commitment to fun and creativity.  We welcome you to join a small group of like-minded individuals who are as committed to their wellbeing as you are, and provide you with follow-up support after your retreat.  And, to top it off, we invite you into the most beautiful locations which are globally renowned for their commitment to top quality hospitality and exclusivity.  Join us for a retreat that will relax, re-energize and restore harmony to your mind, body and spirit…and allow you to learn new lifestyle habits!

What can you expect from a Wellness Retreat?

Structure of Retreat

Our programs are designed to guide you through a process of looking at the big picture of your life to deciding what change(s) you want to prioritise.  

By the end of your retreat, you will have identified one existing habit that you want to change, and you will have determined a reasonable initial goal for yourself.  For example, you may decide that you will start walking once a week; or go to bed earlier at least 3 nights per week; or catch up with a friend once a month.  You will leave us with a plan and a commitment – to undertaking a “doable” action, within a certain time period, and in the area of your life that is your topmost priority.


Some of our retreats cover the full spectrum of wellness (healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, community, spirituality etc), others are more focused on a single topic.  Common to all of our retreats is our focus on experiential learning – which means that we create the opportunity for you to truly experience wellness through doing, feeling, and being.

Duration of Retreats

We offer both residential retreats (2 nights, 2 days) and day retreats

Group Size

Our retreat group size is limited to about 20-24 participants, carefully selected for the program as well as for each other.  Our aim is that you feel comfortable with like-minded peers, and that we can offer you as much individualized support as possible.

Interested? Join Our Wellness Retreats Waitlist for post-COVID!

Our retreat program has been put on hold until the current COVID-19 restrictions allow once again for in-person gatherings, all protocols observed.   

Once in-person gatherings are safely allowed, we will re-schedule our residential and day retreats.  If you want to be informed when this happens, simply add your name to our Wellness Retreats Waitlist below. Remember, our retreat group size never exceeds 20-24 participants! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be amongst the first to reserve your spot when we open for retreat bookings.

What happens after your Wellness Retreat?

Beyond your retreat, you may decide that you want additional support over an extended time period – we would recommend one of our Wellness Coaching programs.  We offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) coaching, delivered virtually.  You may also want to reinforce your learning through participating in one of our Wellness Online Courses.

And if you have a wearable health device (such as a smartwatch or activity tracker), our Wellness Monitoring program will teach you how to use your data to boost your health and wellness gains. For this too, we offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) monitoring, delivered virtually.