Wellness Online Courses

Join one of our online courses to share your journey towards wellness with a hand-picked small group of individuals who are similarly committed to improving their health. 

What makes our Wellness Online Courses special?

We specialize in expert-led peer learning – this means that you learn from the experts leading your program as well as from your fellow participants.  And very importantly, you become each other’s accountability partner.  Your group sessions will expand your knowledge of the subject matter and deepen your understanding of how it relates to you; and in between, you will be supported to integrate what you have learned into your own life.  By the time you complete your program, you will have made meaningful progress towards the healthier lifestyle that you envisage.

Our online programs are capped at about 12-16 participants – small enough for us to tailor the sessions to meet everyone’s individual needs, and for the group to become close-knit and intimate.  You therefore benefit from our personalized attention AND from the motivation and connection of sharing the journey with others!  Truly, the best of all worlds!

We have designed online programs which cover the full spectrum of wellness, others are more focused on a single topic (e.g. healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, etc).  We use technology to deliver our interactive group learning sessions, as well as to communicate with you in between.

What can you expect from an Wellness Online Course?

Structure of Course

Each course will guide you through a process of deciding what change(s) you want to prioritize. You will identify at least one existing habit that you want to change, and you will determine a reasonable initial goal for yourself. You will leave us with a commitment and a plan to undertake a “doable” action, within a certain time period, and in the area of your life that is your topmost priority.


We have created a range of online courses for you to choose from.  Decide whether you want to focus on full spectrum of wellness or prioritize a single topic (for example, weight management, healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, etc).


A typical online course comprises 8 x 1½-hour group sessions, scheduled once per week to allow enough time to integrate what you have learned and to make your desired lifestyle change(s).

In between your group sessions, you may be invited to do some “self-work” – for example, a self-reflection exercise, keeping a simple lifestyle diary for a few days, exploring a specific theme with your accountability partner. We promise that this won’t be onerous – after all, we don’t want to add yet more stress to your life!

Group Size

Our online course group size is limited to about 12-16 participants, carefully selected for the course as well as for each other. Our aim is that you feel comfortable with like-minded peers, and that we can offer you as much individualized support as possible.

Once you book, you secure your place in the group. We then design the sessions according to the needs, context, and characteristics of the group’s members.

Tech Requirements

We use technology to deliver our interactive group learning sessions, as well as to communicate with you in between.

To participate, you will need an internet-enabled device (computer, smartphone or tablet), a video camera (inbuilt into your device or a separate webcam), a microphone, and an internet connection.

Why wait? Book Your Wellness Online Course Now!

Book your spot before your favourite course fills up. Remember, our online group size never exceeds 12-16 participants!

What happens after your Wellness Online Course?

At the end of your online course, you may decide that you want additional support over an extended time period – we would recommend one of our Wellness Coaching programs. We offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) coaching, delivered virtually. You may also want to reinforce your learning through participating in one of our Wellness Retreats.

And if you have a wearable health device (such as a smartwatch or activity tracker), our Wellness Monitoring program will teach you how to use your data to boost your health and wellness gains. For this too, we offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) monitoring, delivered virtually.