Individual Wellness Monitoring

Health Tech Devices Supported

To join a Wellness Monitoring Program, you must have (and know how to use!) one of the following wearable health devices:

  • Fit Bit
  • Apple Watch
  • Oura Ring

What can you expect from Individual (1:1) Wellness Monitoring?


3 x 1-hour sessions uniquely tailored to you – to your individual needs, your context, and your personality.  You set the agenda and determine the pace of sessions; and we will offer support, guidance and feedback as well as be your accountability partner. Depending on your focus, you may be invited to do some “self-work” between your monitoring sessions.  We promise that this won’t be onerous – after all, we don’t want to add yet more stress to your life!   

Number of Sessions

We recommend starting with an initial package of 3 monitoring sessions, and together we’ll observe your progress as we go along.  At the end of your initial package, you may decide that you have accomplished what you wanted – therefore, no more monitoring is needed!  You may however decide to book another package – whether this same Individual Monitoring…or our Couple Monitoring.


Following your initial consultation, we recommend spacing your sessions to every other week.  This allows you enough time in between sessions to integrate what you have learned and to make your desired lifestyle change(s). Once you have booked, you will be able to choose the day(s) and time(s) that best suit your schedule.

Tech Requirements

You will need an internet-enabled device (computer, smartphone or tablet), a video camera (inbuilt into your device or a separate webcam), a microphone, and an internet connection.

Sounds interesting? Join Our Wellness Monitoring Waitlist!

Get the most from your wearable health technologies.  Let our team support you to fully understand your data and use it most effectively for your improved health!

We will be introducing our Wellness Monitoring later in 2021.  Add your name to our Wellness Monitoring waitlist so that you can be amongst the first to join our program when it goes live!