Wellness Monitoring

Boost your physical, emotional and psychological well-being by monitoring your health status in response to your daily routines and lifestyle choices. Understand how your lifestyle impacts your heart health!

What is Wellness Monitoring?

Maintaining health is a challenge without the right tools to monitor the impact of your daily routines on your body, mind, and emotional state. Research shows that knowing your numbers is important to better understand your health and is a powerful motivator for change.

Knowing this, we encourage our clients to make good use of wearable health monitoring technologies such as wearable fitness and lifestyle trackers, wearable blood pressure monitors, and smart health watches. We also recommend self-reported health and wellness metrics as these can be analyzed and interpreted into reliable predictors of health status, risk and recovery. As you learn your measurements and how to use them, you will be able to understand how your activities impact your overall health, and so make lifestyle adjustments to improve your wellbeing.

What happens during Wellness Monitoring?

Think of this Wellness Coaching + Personalized Data…where you combine the best of health-based coaching with the power that comes from knowing your body’s metrics. In your first Wellness Monitoring session with us, you will learn about the key health parameters that you should be measuring; what the numbers from your wearable health device actually mean; how often you should be looking at your measurements; and what values or trends are optimal for your health and wellbeing. In addition, you will be guided to become aware of, measure and record other (subjective) indicators of health and wellness.

As you embark on your Wellness Monitoring Program – and are guided to make changes to your lifestyle – you will be able to assess the real impact of your choices on your body and how you feel by seeing how your measurements change. Over the entire duration of your program, we will support you to use the data you collect on yourself to move you towards your optimal health.

Which Wellness Monitoring Package should you choose?

We recommend Individual (1:1) Wellness Monitoring if you feel most comfortable and learn best in a 1-1 interaction … if you feel shy about opening up with other people … or you simply want our undivided attention!

We recommend Couple (1:2) Wellness Monitoring if you and your spouse would like to share the journey towards wellness together.  As lifestyle changes often affect certain family members or involve the entire household, couple coaching is tremendously helpful when both spouses take part.  The support you can give one another daily – as well as hold each other accountable – is invaluable!

What happens after your Wellness Monitoring?

Once you are getting the most from your wearable health device, you may decide that you want additional coaching support over an extended time period.  In this case, we would recommend one of our Wellness Coaching programs.  We offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) coaching, delivered virtually. You may also want to reinforce your learning through participating in one of our Wellness Online Courses or in a Wellness Retreat