Wellness Coaching

We know how hard change can be – and especially when you are on your own, facing all your usual stresses rigours of life. We will guide you, and serve as your accountability partner, through the most difficult early period of making your lifestyle changes. 

What happens during Wellness Coaching?

Through our coaching, you will be guided to determine exactly the change(s) you want to make in your life.  We will help you to deepen your understanding of yourself and your lifestyle, including what works for you and what does not. 

As you gain in self-awareness, you will learn to use your strengths, tendencies, and aptitudes to create new habits.  You will develop your own personal strategies for setting and achieving your health improvement goals, and you will then build on your successes to accomplish other objectives.

Over your coaching program, you will introduce your desired changes one at a time.  As the days and weeks progress, you will acquire new healthy habits.  Each becomes the foundation for the next, and you will find it easier to introduce the following one. 

Collectively, your new habits work together synergistically to support your health – which means that you will enjoy greater benefits as your lifestyle changes for the rest of your life. Our aim is for your lifestyle intentions become your new way of life.  We will support you and be your external accountability partner for as long as you need us. 

Which Wellness Coaching Package should you choose?

We recommend Individual (1:1) Wellness Coaching if you feel most comfortable and learn best in a 1-1 interaction … if you feel shy about opening up with other people … or you simply want our undivided attention!

We recommend Couple (1:2) Wellness Coaching if you and your spouse would like to share the journey towards wellness together.  As lifestyle changes often affect certain family members or involve the entire household, couple coaching is tremendously helpful when both spouses take part.  The support you can give one another daily – as well as hold each other accountable – is invaluable.

Want to boost your Wellness Coaching?

If you have a wearable health device (such as a smartwatch or activity tracker), our Wellness Monitoring program will teach you how to use your data to boost your health and wellness gains. We offer individual (1:1) or couple (1:2) monitoring, delivered virtually.  You may also want to reinforce your learning through participating in one of our Wellness Online Courses or in a Wellness Retreat.