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16 April 2022 | Tags: Club Epanafero, Expert Interview

With Stress Management as our focus for April in Club Epanafero (our membership program for heart health through lifestyle), we’ve been exploring the question: Is Stress Affecting Your Heart Health?

We started the month with a course for our members. After this, as a community, we embarked on our Wellness Challenge for April including setting our wellness goals to reduce one of our stressors. And now we’re ready to welcome our expert guest to join us for this month’s interview!

Welcome to Dr. Brian Distelberg!

To help us answer our question, Dr. Brian Distelberg will join us in Club Epanafero. He is Professor, School of Behavioral Health and Director of Research, Behavioral Medicine Center, Loma Linda University, US.

There are many reasons why we’re so excited to share Dr. Distelberg with our membership community! So many in fact that we thought that we’d make a short video clip to share our thoughts with you about our upcoming interview:

Does everyone experience stress in the same way?

Good question! And one that we asked Dr. Distelberg…

We are each uniquely wired in how we experience stress, according to the research. Also, we often establish how we react to stress in the earlier years of our life. Everyone has their own stress ‘threshold’ and has developed their own ways to cope with stress. What this means is that each of us will experience and deal with stress differently – even if we’re exposed to the exactly the same stressors!

Importantly, Dr. Distelberg firmly believes that we can learn stress management; and that this is as important to good (cardiovascular) health as eating well, physical activity, and sleep.

What is Dr. Brian Distelberg’s work focus?

Dr. Distelberg’s work focuses on understanding the psychological, emotional and physical impact of stress and supporting individuals and families in managing their stress. He leads multiple projects focused on integration of physical and mental health; and, notably, is the Director of the MEND Program, an intensive psychosocial intervention which aims to reduce intra, intrapsychic, or familial process stressors to promote health outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses.

Dr. Distelberg is Associate Editor of the Family Process journal; and he is a trained marriage and family therapist.

Welcome to the Club!

Tomorrow, on Easter Sunday, we will share Dr. Distelberg’s practical knowledge that he has gained as much from his patient care as from his research. We look forward to discussing how stress impacts our lives, and to learning what we can each do to reduce our stress load.

We’ve included the highlights from this interview here. If you’d like to listen to the recording of our interview with Dr. Distelberg, come and join us in Club Epanafero! There are various membership plans, and we’re sure that there will be one just right for you. We invite you to choose your Membership Package here.

We also encourage you to check out Dr. Brian Distelberg and his work at the Loma Linda University School of Behavioral Health.

Katrine Smith Tulloch Reid

Katrine is ​a Heart Health & Wellness Coach and Co-Founder of Epanafero. She specializes in developing and delivering behavioral change programs for heart health and wellness, in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. Beyond Epanafero, Katrine delights in experiencing life with her husband Edwin, travelling, learning, exploring cultures and cuisines, practicing yoga and meditation, and being in nature.

By Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid

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