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Develop heart-healthy habits and achieve your wellness goals.

Understand what you need to focus on first, learn what to do, and then learn how make your healthy habits stick.  Get started, avoid mistakes and frustrations, and achieve your health & wellness goals faster.

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$495.00 / year

Become heart healthy, one lifestyle change at a time!

You’re in the right place if you want to feel healthier today, embrace life with energy, mental clarity, vitality, and joy, and keep yourself well…for life!

What you will learn:

How to Improve Your Heart Health

What you need to know to improve your heart health – we keep abreast of the latest medical & scientific research and translate this into practical tips that you can apply in your own life today

Lifestyle Changes that Makes a Difference

What lifestyle changes will make a real difference to your health – no more guesswork, no more wasted time and effort. We will guide to assess your current lifestyle and state of health, determine your topmost priority, track your progress, and keep focused on what will really improve your heart health and wellbeing

How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

How to make your new healthy habits stick…so that these become your new way of life! We meet you where you are today, guide your wellness journey with you at the helm, and hold your hand all the way.

What to Expect

All our programs are physician-monitored and are designed with the latest research in medicine, behavioral psychology and other sciences. Additionally, you will benefit from the knowledge and insights shared by our team of highly experienced Medical Experts and Wellness Professionals leading your program.

Through interactive group sessions involving discussion, exercises and personal reflection, you will:

    • Learn new information, tips, and practical tools to address your priority health concerns and to make simple lifestyle changes in your daily life.
    • Lay the foundation to develop healthy habits and sustain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for the long haul.
    • Explore how your current habits, thoughts, emotions and beliefs impact your health and overall wellbeing.
    • Experience health & wellness in a light-hearted, fun, and novel way.
    • Connect with others who share a similar commitment to make lifestyle changes and improve their health.

What’s Included

Your My Heart Wellness Club membership includes:

Heart Health Pillars

Themed monthly focus on core Heart Health Pillars – Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Stress Management.

Monthly Courses

New course every month with practical tips & quick-win worksheets.

Monthly Wellness Goals

You set your goal, we support you to reach this, and together we celebrate your success!

Live Q&A Calls

Interactive Live Q&A Calls with Dr. Edwin & Katrine to address your questions and give you specific guidance.

Expert Interviews

Interviews with leading medical & wellness experts so that you can learn directly from the best.

Community of Peers

Supportive community of peers who, like you, who are committed to their heart health and are ready to make lifestyle changes.

Wellness Assessment

Wellness Questionnaire for deep insights into your heart health status and lifestyle to determine your wellness priorities and track your progress.


Workshops for additional Heart Health Pillars spaced throughout the year – Community & Connection, Life Meaning & Purpose, and Spirituality.

Library of Courses & Interviews

Access to Library of Courses & Interviews – Learn what you want, and when you want!

Your Health & Wellness Experts

Edwin Tulloch-Reid

Consultant Cardiologist and Co-Founder of My Heart Wellness

Edwin has been Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Clinical Services at the Heart Institute of the Caribbean since its inception in 2004. He also has a consultative practice at the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, and is committed to teaching and research. His clinical training included a residency in New York, and cardiology fellowships at the University of Montreal and the University of Pittsburgh.
Edwin has a special interest in the prevention of heart disease by control of risk factors through therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid

MSc & BSc (Distinction)
CEO and Co-Founder of My Heart Wellness

Katrine works with senior-level professionals to create healthy lifestyle and wellness practices that are uniquely tailored to their goals and strengths. Her methodology is highly experiential to allow ‘learning by doing’, with a focus on mindset and behavioral change. She draws on lessons learned from her 20+ years consulting with multinational donors in multiple countries.
With a holistic approach to wellness, Katrine is deeply committed to facilitating others make life-style changes for their improved health

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