Katrine’s Wellness Challenges

Through her professional journey, Katrine has learned the hard way that traits of her personality which are tremendous assets can also be her greatest challenges when not kept in check. 

“I am blessed with an unshakable belief that nothing is impossible – a “how hard can this be?” can-do attitude!”, she observes.  And this, together with a curious mind and a wide range of skills, mean that she is neither daunted by the unknown nor constrained by the past.  Additionally, her discipline and integrity mean that, once she gives her word, she will execute her commitments to her consistently high standards.

Katrine exploring Colca Canyon, Peru

Whilst Katrine has deliberately extended herself and accomplished much professionally, she has also suffered the consequences of ‘over-stretching’ – exhaustion, adrenal fatigue … and coming close to burn-out on two occasions. 

As she admits, “When I am most stressed, I find it really difficult to do what I know I should be doing for my wellbeing.  Exercise is the first to go, followed soon after by sleep and eating.  I skip my meditation, and I don’t allow myself time to disconnect and relax.  I simply don’t prioritise what I know is necessary for my health.”

Katrine now recognises that many of her strengths, when not managed, undermine her enjoyment of life, sense of balance, and her health. 

And although she still neglects herself and prioritises others at times, she believes that she is nonetheless making some progress!