Katrine’s Personal Journey

Katrine attributes her knowledge and experience of wellness to her parents’ commitment to, and enjoyment of, staying healthy.  

During her childhood in Spain and then the UK, her parents maintained the family in good health through lifestyle choices which were common sense to them, and which today are scientifically proven to be the pillars of health.  For her family, wellness was a way of life – delicious food prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients … mealtimes en famille … healthy, supportive relationships in a close-knit family unit … spending a lot of time outside in nature – playing, swimming, boating, picnics by rivers and lakes, walking … creative and intellectual pursuits … and plenty of sleep!  

Katrine paddling in the sea

Katrine has been strongly influenced by her mother’s belief in the power of food – to nourish, to heal, to nurture, comfort and soothe, and to unite the family.  She recalls her mother tweaking the family’s diet over the years as health issues popped up, resulting in what today would be considered as well-nigh perfect nutrition – a diet consisting mainly of vegetables and whole grains, with small portions of meat and fish; varied ingredients, organically-grown and locally-sourced where possible; flavourful meals prepared daily from scratch, and infused with love and patience; and a glass (or two!) of wine to celebrate the joy of eating, together.

Through her mother, Katrine also learned the importance of mental and emotional health to one’s sense of wellness. “Amongst my mother’s many gifts are her emotional openness and generosity of spirit, and her unending willingness to give undivided attention, encouragement, and affection”, shares Katrine.  “For each family member, her warmth feels like sunshine on a gloomy day; and it still has the power to right wrongs in the world and heal all ailments!”

Katrine has benefited too from her father’s commitment to being physically fit and healthy as well as his love of the outdoors.  How her father conducts his life is very much in keeping with one of his mottos – “It is easier to stay healthy than to try and regain one’s health after losing it”.   He prioritises what he needs to feel healthy – he eats very well, and maintains a good daily balance of physical activity, mental work, play, and rest.  Over time, she has seen first-hand how her father employed his admirable mental fortitude and discipline to retain his current levels of fitness and strength which permit him to continue living a fulsome life today. 

Her father embodies another vital element of wellbeing – the choice to live in the present moment.  Reflecting on her father, Katrine comments, “He has a remarkable ability to let go of the past and remain focused on the now, with equanimity and calm.  He makes peace with the day, does not have regrets, and only seldom takes on the cares of tomorrow.”

As a young adult, Katrine expanded her understanding of the mental and emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of wellness.  She started learning meditation and yoga, studying with teachers from all over the world.  Through her travels, she was fascinated by the differences as well as the similarities between the various cultures in which she lived and worked – their food, daily rituals, environs and relationship with nature, family/community structure, spiritual beliefs, and expectations and responsibilities. Through these multicultural experiences, she developed a strong interest in how the mind works, the connection between mind and body, and how our belief systems shape our experience of life