Katrine Smith Tulloch-Reid

Professional Accomplishments

Katrine works with senior professionals to tailor healthy lifestyle and wellness practices to their goals and strengths, with a focus on mindset and behavioral change.  She specializes in developing and delivering programs for heart health and wellness in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, and stress management.

Katrine facilitating a business training session
Heart Health & Wellness Coach | MSc & BSc (Distinction), AICTP (UK)

Katrine combines training with coaching, leading in-person and online learning experiences. Her methodology is highly experiential to allow ‘learning by doing’, and includes personal reflection, practical application, and peer sharing.

She draws on lessons learned from her 20+ years consulting with multinational donors and companies in multiple countries. She integrates the latest academic research and best practice in human development and behavioral science to effect transformative lifestyle change.

In 2019, Katrine led the Stress Management session in the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS)/Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) Annual Anti-Money Laundering Conference. More recently, she facilitated the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services (JIFS) Annual Breakfast Forum “Leading in a Crisis“.

Katrine was an Associate Member of the UK’s Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals (AICTP, until its dissolution in 2021), an organization promoting the integration of coaching and therapy and advocating for professionals whose practice embraces these and other approaches to health.

Prior to Epanafero, she managed business development projects for clients such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, United National institutions, Caribbean Export Development Agency, CARICOM Secretariat, European Union, British Council, and private companies.

Katrine holds a MSc. (Distinction) in Tropical Agricultural Development from the University of Reading, UK; and a BSc (1st class Honours) in Applied Plant Science from the University of Manchester, UK.  Her language skills include Spanish (fluent), French, and German.

Wellness Interests for Epanafero

In co-creating Epanafero, Katrine joins forces with her husband Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid to most effectively guide and support people committed to their own wellness.  In her view, there is no “one size fits all” nor any magic potion for instant health.  Rather, each person must determine what health means to them, and then chart their own path towards forming habits that become their new default for life.”  

Katrine enjoying being in nature

Katrine’s open-mindedness and non-judgemental nature give her great compassion for the “messiness” of being human, which rarely yields a straightforward, predictable or comfortable journey!  Knowing the power of a helping hand when it is most needed, she is deeply committed to learning how best to facilitate others make life-style changes for their improved health.

Given her holistic approach to health, Katrine monitors developments in various fields with equal interest.  She is particularly fascinated by the mental and emotional components of health and wellness, mindset and behavioral change as well as the gamification of learning.

She is also excited by advances in wearable health technologies, viewing this as a powerful way for individuals to take charge of their own health!

To stay current and ensure her continued professional development, Katrine actively participates in training programs, workshops, conferences, and self-directed study.  She is formalising her coaching to gain international certification; and is looking to a PhD in behavioral science with a focus on gamification for health behavioral outcomes.

Born and educated in Europe, she has worked in Jamaica and the Caribbean (17 years), Bolivia, Uganda, Indonesia and Europe.