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We believe that health and wellness is a personalized experience … and a personal journey.  

Let us support you to address your priority concerns and achieve your goals so that you can enjoy optimum health and wellness for the long haul.

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Choose Your Wellness Program

wellness coaching

Choose a wellness coaching package for additional support

and external accountability…

Wellness Coaching


Choose from our wide range of residential and day retreats

covering the full spectrum of health and wellness topics…

Wellness Retreats

wellness monitoring

Choose a wellness coaching package for additional support

and external accountability…

  Wellness Monitoring

Choose Your Heart Health Service

Cardiology Consultations

Address your cardiac symptoms and concerns with cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid.  Receive a cardiovascular risk assessment and recommendations for specific diagnostic tests and appropriate treatment…

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Heart Health Evaluations

Deepen your understanding of your heart health status with cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid, identify specific issues for your priority attention, and receive recommendations on appropriate therapeutic lifestyle changes…

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Epanafero as your Health & Wellness Partner

We embrace a holistic definition of wellness, understanding that it includes all dimensions of life.  

Our programmes incorporate the seven pillars of health and wellness, and we focus on mindset and

behaviour change for lifestyle choices. In choosing Epanafero, you are saying YES to sustainable

health and wellness for you, your spouse and your family…

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Connect With Us, Create Your Plan

With so many appealing options on offer, choosing the best health and wellness path may feel like a daunting task.  Our team is ready to help!  

Mon-Fri 10am – 6.00pm (EST)

Our goal is to help you choose the experience that will deliver your desired wellness outcomes.

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