Heart Health Evaluation

Cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid [MBBS FACC FRCP(Edin)] offers this virtual cardiovascular medical assessment so that you can deepen your understanding of your heart health status, identify any specific issues for your priority attention, and receive recommendations on appropriate therapeutic lifestyle changes. Following your assessment, you will receive a Cardiovascular Evaluation Report.

Is this Heart Health Evaluation right for you?

We recommend this service if you are seeking a holistic assessment of your cardiovascular health status.  Your evaluation will include discussion of appropriate testing, treatment, and lifestyle modifications to optimise your cardiovascular health and reduce the medium- to long-term risk for heart attack, heart failure, and stroke. This Heart Health Evaluation is available to everyone!  You do NOT need to be already registered with Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid as a patient at his private practice at the Andrews Memorial Hospital (Jamaica).

What can you expect from a Heart Health Evaluation?


Your Heart Health Evaluation will be conducted online using our secure video conferencing application. These virtual appointments allow you to consult with Dr. Tulloch-Reid at your convenience and from the privacy of your chosen location as would you in his office.

If necessary and where feasible, Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid will arrange for you to schedule a separate follow-up visit with him at his private practice at Andrews Memorial Hospital to conduct appropriate diagnostic testing (ECG, ECHO). Otherwise, he will make his recommendations so that you may do your tests at a facility of your choice.


Your online evaluation will be 45 minutes

Evaluation Report

You will receive a Cardiovascular Evaluation Report to serve you as a guide to your heart health status, including a cardiovascular risk assessment.  It will also provide you with recommendations for appropriate testing, treatment, and lifestyle modifications.  This report will be sent to you by Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid by email within ONE (1) week of your Heart Health Evaluation appointment.

How to Schedule

Once you have booked, you will be able to choose the day and time that best suit your schedule. 

Tech Requirements

You will need an internet-enabled device (computer, smartphone or tablet), a video camera (inbuilt into your device or a separate webcam), a microphone, and an internet connection. Ahead of your Heart Health Evaluation, we will send you instructions for how to connect to our video conferencing.

IMPORTANT – Medical and Therapeutic Disclaimer

Please read our full Medical and Therapeutic Disclaimer in our Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions specific to our Heart Health Evaluation, you may contact us by email at cardiologypractice@katrines1.sg-host.com.  

Book Your Heart Health Evaluation

Address your cardiac symptoms and concerns with Cardiologist Dr. Edwin Tulloch-Reid through this virtual consultation, at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home.