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Make Lifestyle Changes
to Improve Your Heart Health

Get expert guidance to reduce your risk for heart disease & stroke.

Why Join Us

Heart Attack & Stroke can be Catastrophic

They can steal your future, your income, and time with your loved ones.

Why suffer from heart disease when it’s mostly preventable?

Joining My Heart Wellness Club Gives You Everything You Need to

Change Your Lifestyle and Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

Lifestyle Changes

Focus on lifestyle changes that make a real difference to your health. We show you what to prioritize based on your current lifestyle and state of health

Important Learnings

Learn what you need to know to improve your heart health. We translate the best medical & scientific research into practical tips that you can apply in your own life today.

Healthy Habits

Make your healthy habits stick! We teach you how to become heart healthy, one lifestyle change at a time.

We don’t just care about heart disease.

We care about your heart health.

25 Years of Experience

US-trained Cardiologist with more than 25 years of experience

Heart Health Coach

Heart Health Coach skilled in mindset & behavior change

Heart Wellness Transformation Plan

Science-backed Heart Wellness Transformation Plan for lifestyle change that works

Global Change

Club members are achieving their goals in North America, Caribbean & Europe

Your Heart Wellness Transformation Plan is Simple

1. Join the Club

Get instant access to full library of courses, live coaching and Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

2. Develop heart-healthy habits

Reduce your risk for heart attack & stroke with every lifestyle change that you make

3. Enjoy the heart health you deserve

Open a new chapter of your life, and get the most out of each and every day

My Heart Wellness Club includes:

Core Heart Health Pillars

Focus on our core Heart Health Pillars in turn – Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Sleep, and Stress Management.

New Courses Added Every Month

New courses added every month so that you can start making changes in your life straight away!

Wellness Goal Each Month

You set your wellness goal each month, we support you to reach this, and together we celebrate your success.

Monthly Live Coaching

Monthly live coaching with Dr. Edwin & Katrine to address your specific questions.

Interviews With Leading Medical & Wellness Experts

Monthly interviews with leading medical and wellness experts so that you can learn directly from the best.

Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Your Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Assessment so that you can track your progress.

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Get started, avoid mistakes & achieve your heart wellness goals faster!

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What Our Members are Saying

Join My Heart Wellness Club and start living Heart-Healthy!

JANICE | Physician

“Katrine and Edwin speak from a place of knowing, being and doing. They were both very engaging. I found the information provided so easy to digest, succinct, always relevant, and very practical. I felt that I was in very good hands and looked forward each session.”

ALFRED | Business Owner

“Sincere thanks to you both for the very rich sessions. I appreciate the materials you shared. I have learned a lot and found the sessions rewarding and refreshing. I am feeling really great and will continue to practice what I’ve learned. Thanks again for your consistency.”


“This was truly a remarkable journey! We learnt a lot and it definitely impacted our lifestyle! We really hope to maintain this and look forward to your upcoming events. I’m not really a speaker but I realized that I was very open and talkative during your sessions!”

JOHN | Physician

“I found the program liberating! Katrine and Edwin understand that we are ‘just human’ and provided the right balance: no diet sheets, no calorie counting! I lost 20 lbs over 8 weeks. I really enjoyed attending the sessions. The social aspect also really appealed to me, and the group had just the right mix.”

DAVID | Group Audit Executive

“The program was good: very stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Just the right balance! I had no problem committing to it, which is not usually easy for me. It was also nice having course materials that I could refer back to.”

Stop Worrying About Heart Disease, Feel Fantastic With a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows someone who’s had a heart attack or stroke. And they worry that this could happen to them.

My Heart Wellness Club teaches you how to change your lifestyle, reduce your risk and improve your heart health.

My Heart Wellness Club is for you…

You’re in the right place if you want to feel healthier today, embrace life with energy, mental clarity, vitality, and joy, and keep yourself well…for life!


You’ve not had any scares or symptoms, but you are worried about your heart


You’ve had a heart health scare or have symptoms

Heart Condition

You’ve a confirmed diagnosis of a heart condition (heart attack, stroke, angina, or onset heart failure)

Our Commitment

My Heart Wellness Club will give you the guidance, training, and support you need to get started, avoid mistakes and frustrations, and achieve your health & wellness goals faster.

Discover How to Start Living Heart-Healthy Today!

You want to reduce your own risk for heart disease, but don’t know where to start.
We know exactly what you need to do, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Join My Heart Wellness Club

Take control of your heart health. Start enjoying life on your terms!

Access to Courses and Challenges

Access to all existing and future Courses and Challenges

Access to Interviews

Access to Live Coaching & Expert Interviews every month

Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Your Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Assessment